WPC19 Facility Tours - Sunday August 18



Louisville MSD's Bells Lane High Rate Treatment Facility & Morris Forman Laboratory

Louisville MSD operates Kentucky’s oldest and largest wastewater treatment facility and manages a new facility, too. The oldest is MSD’s Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center, which began operation in 1958 serving Louisville’s combined sewer system with primary treatment. Modifications in the 1970s added secondary treatment and additional solids handling to the treatment process. A new laboratory added in 2012 allows MSD to perform required analyses for its five treatment centers and supports its pretreatment program and MS4 requirements.

MSD’s Bells Lane High-Rate Treatment Facility—beginning operations in 2018 as a requirement of MSD’s Consent Decree—provides treatment for overflows that previously released untreated into the combined sewer system. The facility has a 50 mgd capacity and an additional 25 million gallons of storage.



Louisville Water Company’s 1860 Pumping Station & Current Facilities

Louisville Water began as Kentucky’s first public water utility in 1860 with 500 customers and today serves nearly a million people in the region. This tour begins at Louisville Water’s original pumping station and water tower, which are National Historic Landmarks and
include the WaterWorks Museum. The tour continues by following the path of today’s drinking water through the working pumping stations, Crescent Hill Reservoir and Gatehouse and the Crescent Hill Filtration Plant.




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